Unit Sizing How to Visualize What a Unit Will Hold


Chest of drawers or desk mattress set, several boxes and small items or about 50 file boxes.

5' x 10'

50 sq. ft.

6'x12' Trailer

Pickup Truck or Cargo Van

Walk-in closet


Standard furnishings of one bedroom apartment without appliances, or about 150 file boxes

10' x 10'

100 sq. ft.

15' moving truck

Average size bedroom


Furnishings of one bedroom apartment with refrigerator and washer/dryer, patio furniture and many boxes or two office suites or about 200 file boxes

10' x 15'

150 sq. ft.

20' moving truck

Large bedroom


Furnishings of two bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, patio furniture and many boxes or a vehicle or small boat or it is big enough to fit carpet rolls and building materials

10' x 20'

200 sq. ft.

24' moving truck

Small one car garage


Furnishings of three bedroom house with appliances, patio furniture and many boxes, garage extras and miscellaneous or a vehicle or boat

10' x 30'

300 sq. ft

Extra long one car garage